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Provisioning basics

VKPR acts as a facilitator for provisioning infrastructuresensuring in certain deployments the GitOps way. Your goal is to abstract as much information from the user and build a framework based on the ideal scenario of your tools.

Through VKPR you can start a local development environment and test your application before deploying it to a cloud provider.



For the provisioning of the local infrastructure, the k3d tool is used which is a lightweight wrapper to run k3s (Rancher Lab's minimal Kubernetes distribution) in Docker.

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To see local development commands, click here


Cloud provisioning is provided in order to build your entire infrastructure in your cloud through a GitOps approach. Written in Terraform with pipelines Gitlab, any changes you want to make to the cluster, there will be a config file as the source of truth. Changing it will reflect all changes in your cloud.

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To see cloud development commands, click here


Creating a production-ready managed k8s cluster requires too many specifics from the cloud vendor itself. VKPR has an opinionated take on several configs and enforces a GitOps approach on infrastructure provisioning.


To see cloud development commands, click here